Dear Cyprus Science University Student,

The following rules will be applied during the exam:

  1. It is strictly forbidden to enter the campus and the building where the exam will be held without a mask. The mask will be worn to cover the mouth and nose throughout the exam.
  2. During the exam, the lecturer and invigilators will also be wearing the mask
  3. Cell phones will be turned off before the exam starts and will be kept off during the exam.
  4. Materials such as lecture notes, dictionaries, calculators, and books cannot be brought to the exams, except for those required to be used in the exam.
  5. It is obligatory to follow the social distance rules on the campus and in the classrooms where the exam will be held. The invigilators are authorized and responsible for providing the seating arrangement.
  6. At the beginning of the exam, students sign the “Exam Attendance Report”. Those who have signed this report are obliged to deliver the exam paper.
  7. The exam of students who do not write their names on the exam paper and/or do not sign the attendance report will be deemed invalid.
  8. Unless a different time is specified by the invigilators, it is forbidden to leave the exam in the first 15 minutes of the exams.
  9. It is strictly forbidden to exchange pens, erasers, and similar materials during the exam.
  10. You must complete the exam within the time specified by the course instructor. No additional time will be given at the end of this period.
  11. The student who completes the exam and submits the exam documents will leave the classroom without returning to his/her place.
  12. Students who cheat during the exam will be stopped immediately, and disciplinary action will be taken against them in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Cyprus Science University Student Disciplinary Regulation.
  13. Classes will be ventilated between exams and will be prepared for the next exam. For this reason, students should not be in the classrooms during non-exam hours.


We wish you success in your exam..