“With our Contemporary, Innovative and Student-Orientated Educational Vision, we sincerely believe that we will raise new generation leaders who will be tomorrows leaders and make a difference in the world.


Dear Students,

Today, besides many professional skills, it is necessary to have different disciplines. Life is not just about having a diploma it is about values and disciplines as a whole: Individuals who are researching, questioning, entrepreneurial, leaders, competitive, innovative, technology literate, lifelong learners and have strong communicational skills stand out from their peers.

Mütevelli Heyet Başkanı Selman Arslanbaş


As Cyprus Science University (CSU), our primary goal is to graduate students who meet the needs and expectations of the 21st century, value their own society, understand the differences that will make them and their country take lead in the global competition and shape the future.

New Generation University

First, Universities have three main missions: education, research and social contribution. Two being, research and social contribution, differ depending on the changing global trends. However, there is one important quality that I believe education is immutable: unlimited commitment to independent learning. Cyprus Science University is a “new generation university” that will offer you the tools to support your freedom of learning to the fullest. Our main purpose here; As an innovative, young and student-oriented university, it is to bring our students and real sector representatives together and ensure that the courses are transferred by experienced experts. Thus, we aim to bring highly qualified graduates by blending different disciplines with different departments and highlighting applied education.

We have revised all our technological informatic infrastructure to realize a University culture that will continue for generations. With a student-centred young and innovative understanding, we offer you a distinguished teaching environment with international academics, practical educational understanding, fully advanced technology equipped laboratories, an information centre with access to unlimited information and our “incubation centre” where ideas are brought to life.
Attractive scholarship opportunities, international accreditation and collaborations, career opportunities that will allow for job placement after graduation, certificate programs in the fields that are needed today, students are prepared in a 5-star hotel concept with a smart campus, which offers all the beauty of the Mediterranean in all its glory. We are ready to provide you with a unique educational and learning experience with its life centre, social and cultural activities.
If the education vision is equipped with the qualities required by the age, it will produce concrete results. As Cyprus Science University, with its contemporary, innovative and competitive education vision, we aim to raise new leaders that will contribute to the shaping of tomorrow and make a difference.

In a structure where borders are removed, unlimited information is produced, information is transformed into product and product has universal values, we consider it a duty to help you reach your career goals.

Our biggest dream is to have a diploma that you will proudly carry with you anywhere in the world. As Cyprus Science University, our entire aim is to add value in every institution you are, wherever you go and to ensure that you step safely into your future.

We are pleased to see you in the CSU family, which is high-quality, respectful to its values, closely follows the change and development in the global world, and is growing, changing and developing with its innovative, pioneering, leading students, graduates, academic and administrative staff.

Welcome to CSU

Selman Arslanbaş
Chairman of the Board of Trustees