Dear Students,

The most important asset of a country in order to benefit from the opportunities of the globalizing world is the power to produce information and technology. The only resource that provides this capability is qualified human resources. Countries that cannot create the human resources in question are exposed to all the negative effects of the globalization process and fall behind in this race.

Qualified education is the most important condition for entering the qualified workforce of the new world.

For many people who cannot get the education required by this era, being unemployed is inevitable. In this era, where information is the most important aspect when it comes to new ways of doing business (due to robotics and technology taking over manual labour) both reduce and increase the workforce numbers. In other words, unemployment becomes a structural problem for the unskilled labour force.

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Vice Rector
Prof. Dr. Lale Ayşegül BÜYÜKGÖNENÇ

This trend, which started long before us in the advanced western countries, has started to intensely affect our country, which has adapted to the global world at a great speed. Furthermore, this is being seen in the top rankings around the world, and its business life has become more and more accepted.

As the management of Cyprus Science University, which follows this trend very closely, we have aimed that our graduates will be “exactly the people they are looking for” companies that produce trade, industry and technology.

Being aware of what infrastructures it requires to achieve this goal, we plan to be together with the best in the field for every program we are training in, by giving importance to the perfection of our academic staff in order to provide you with the best education.

With the investments that will enable our extraordinary staff to transfer their experience and knowledge to our students completely and to train them to meet the expectations of the real sector while they are at school, and to realize our belief that our students should learn by putting their knowledge in Practice. Our Studios and Laboratories are advanced to the highest level and are equipped to ensure that the qualifications of CSU can match with that of other universities in the western world.

We know that the stream of qualified training needed, is not only valid for senior management duties, but also demands that all employees have received qualified training that is appropriate for their level up to the lowest level of the production process. In our Continuous Education Center, of which we have implemented with these experiences, we have started to organize training programs that will contribute to the individual development of people of all ages and educational levels.

In addition, taking into account the realities of the century we are in, the awareness that being a student is not only a process of studying and learning, but of professional knowledge and skills as well as physical and personal development is vital, thinking about the students’ social life throughout their education at our University.

We created an environment that supports you to take part in the activities of student clubs by establishing our Student Clubs and Activities, which produce various sports, cultural, artistic and social activities, by providing them with various types of opportunities.

Considering all these, our students are not only following the latest technology applied in our university, but also an original and successful education model that envisages working for new technologies, senior academics and the boutique campus environment offered, leading personalities, producing knowledge, solving problems, questioning, and trained as individuals who make analysis and are prepared for the future.

As a result, the future of our countries is directly related to the extent to which today's youth will receive a "quality" education. We would like to see you among us for the creation of a more beautiful tomorrow at the regional and global level in the Faculties, Schools, Vocational Schools, Institutes and Research Centers we established, the programs we have opened, the academic staff we have created, the educational-learning and research environment that CSU offer.

Kind Regards

Prof. Dr. Lale Ayşegül BÜYÜKGÖNENÇ

Vice Rector