"Education is not life, but life itself."



Dear Youth,

In order to benefit from our global world, a country must partake in producing information and technology, and the means to produce these powerful assets is capable and qualified human resources.

Indeed, countries that are unable to create efficient human resources are exposed to all the negative effects of the globalization process and are rendered incompetent, thus falling behind in this important race.


Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bülend GÖKSEL


Moreover, the most essential condition for entering into the qualified work force of the new world is qualified education. Unfortunately, those individuals who have not received the necessary training, as a consequence, will be faced with unemployment.

In this age, information and technology is paramount to production input and new forms of industry activity (with automation replacing human labor) is beginning to reduce the work force but increasing the quality level simultaneously. In other words, unemployment poses a structural problem for the unskilled labor force.

This trend, which started very early in advanced western countries, has intensively influenced our country as it adapts to global needs at a great speed, seeking a high ranking position in the world.  As a result, the business sectors prefer to accept increasingly refined educated people in the field that will prove to be beneficial in the highly competitive industry.

As the administration of Cyprus Science University, which closely follows this trend, we aim to graduate professionals that are precisely what the “industry, trade and technology production” experts are looking for.

With the perspective in achieving this goal, we have given priority to the excellence of the academic staff, gathering the best and most knowledgeable professionals in every field of study to realize and provide quality education.

Furthermore, our Workshops, Studios and Laboratories are designed to transfer valuable knowledge from our fully experienced academic staff who sincerely engage our students, training them to the extent that they can meet the expectations of the real sector. Besides core theoretical studies, it must be accepted that education is learnt through experience and application as well. With this outlook, we have the qualities to measure up with other western universities.

It should be understood that this trend is not only applicable to high-level management duties, but concerns all employees from various levels of the work force. Therefore, appropriate education is a necessity and a requirement in all diverse areas of the production process and our programs are designed to reflect and cover these aspects in a successful and organized manner.

Additionally, we provide you with opportunities to enrich your student experience which includes extra-curricular life through establishing your own Student Clubs, the usage of social spaces, planning exciting sporting, artistic and other social activities. We believe that student life is not only composed of courses, but the importance of social involvement, participation also aids in creating the perfect individual ready for qualified duties.

In this framework, our university adopts a unique and rewarding learning model based on a wonderful boutique campus that aims to provide education in line with new technologies, taught by high-level academicians with the goal of producing and training knowledgeable, problem-solving, environmentally conscious and courteous graduates who are ready to be welcomed by demanding and expanding competitive industries.

As a result, the future of our country involves today's youth and their quest to receive a "quality" education. Therefore, we want to see you in our faculties, institutes and research centers, experiencing the scholarly environment through our many programs and academic staff, and taking steps together for a better future at a regional and global level.


With My Best Wishes

Prof.Dr. Ahmet Bülend GÖKSEL