General Information

In the Vocational School of Justice, mainly law and vocational courses are given. The courses to be taught within the scope of the program were determined theoretically and practically, especially considering the qualifications required by the justice services. In the college, in addition to basic law courses such as the beginning of law, knowledge of constitutional law, civil law information, administrative law information, debt law information, criminal and criminal procedure law, justice professional ethics, judicial organization, keyboard usage, office management, notification law Courses such as lawyer and notary legislation are given. Students who have gained the right to enroll in the academic year as a result of the ÖSYM exams and students who graduated from the Justice Vocational High School and placed in our school by ÖSYM can register to the Vocational School of Justice. Education period in the college is 2 years. Our graduates are awarded the Cyprus Science University Associate Degree Diploma. Graduates can make vertical transfer to Law Faculties within the framework of “Regulation on Graduates of Vocational Schools and Open Education Associate Degree Programs’ Continuation to Undergraduate Education” and thus obtain their right to start their undergraduate education.