• Logistics

School of Applied Sciences

Along with developing technology and increasing production, logistics is one of the leading sectors that is  the easiest to develop and grow currently and in the future. Logistics plays a very important role in the functioning and economy of many companies, and the need for more equipped professional employees is increasing day by day in this sector.

Within this scope, the logistics sector, which supports the continuity of life in a global and regional sense, is aimed to meet the most effective professional intermediary needs and in this context the logistics associate degree program; It is designed to train lower and middle-level managers that can produce effective solutions for the rapidly changing needs of the global business world. Our curriculum includes general business, marketing, law and management courses at supportive levels as well as vocational courses specific to logistics. The logistics department has the potential to enable students to complete the most efficient logistics activities from daily planning of goods and service movements to stock and inventory management, transportation and storage to customs operations.

Asst. Prof. İsmail Hakkı DOĞANKAYA
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