International Students

The International Office coordinates the international promotion and recognition processes of our university with helping to establish research, education and student / staff exchange links with international higher education institutions and to develop and maintain the diversity of international collaborations.

CSU has developed and sustained partnerships with universities across the world. These relationships provide opportunities for undergraduate students to study abroad, graduate students to engage with peers and mentors, faculty to conduct individual or collaborative research with colleagues, and to implement innovative curricula for students.

Cyprus Science University grows with the goal of developing an interdisciplinary learning environment in tune with the European educational standards. Alongside being dedicated to providing students with an environment to receive, share, use, lead and evaluate knowledge in a way that will give them the opportunity to live a life of prosperity in an educated society.

CSU is fully accredited by the relevant higher education authorities in North Cyprus and Turkey (YODAK and YOK), with its programs and diplomas also being recognised by UK NARIC.