About Program

Architecture is both the art and science of planning, designing and constructing buildings or any other structures. The architects are responsible for designing structures that are fit, safe and reliable for use by humans. The 4-year Bachelor’s Degree Program of the Department of Architecture is a 240 ECTS credits, composed of eight semesters. The integrative curriculum of the Architecture is designed to give opportunities to students to evaluate the built environment, design, and build in modern project studios. The program consists of theory, practice, latest architectural concepts, professional ethics and other courses needed for international competition.

Learning & Teaching Methods

The instructional methods applied for achieving the goal of meeting the expected learning outcomes at the ARCHITECTURE program are Lecture & In-Class Activities, Land Surveying, Assignment (Homework). Project Work, internship, Technical Visit and Field Study.


Critical Thinking: Demonstrate critical thinking through a self-reflective process of conceptualization and design analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing.

Design Representation: Implement 2 and 3D graphic representation techniques using a wide variety of traditional and digital tools, to explain the architectural design process to a wide range of stakeholders.

Quantitative Reasoning: Apply physics, logic and mathematical tools as reasoning skills to evaluate problems related to heat exchange in buildings, material quantity estimates, force resolution in structural systems, budget management and life-cycle cost analysis.

Information literacy and Architectural Practice: Identify the ethical issues involved in the formation of professional judgments in architecture design and practice. Demonstrate information literacy through applied research. Recognize building codes, standards and conventions in the architectural design and architects' legal responsibilities.

Access to Further Studies

Upon successful completion of this programme, students may apply to master’s (second cycle) and in some cases, to doctorate (third cycle) degree programs in or related fields of Architecture.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Architecture department will obtain comprehensive knowledge and understand the fundamental and advance skills of architecture and related fields. They can work as paid or freelance architects in an architectural office, can also open architectural design bureau or take part in industrial or design process related with technology for the development and production of construction materials or concentrating on the urban environment.