Admission Requirements

For Graduate Students

To apply to Cyprus Science University as an international student to our graduate programs you need to complete an online application form.

General Admission Requirements for graduate programs:

  • An undergraduate degree recognized by CSU.
  • A minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.25/4.00, or an official transcript to demonstrate an equivalent general performance
  • Two reference letters
  • Letter of Intent in English (A letter clearly stating the purpose for the application)

For Undergraduate Students

The criteria outlined below are determined by the Ministry of National Education and Culture of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


American College Testing Score (ACT) Maximum of 4/5 points overall score
General Certificate of Education (GCE) Having 2 A level or equivalent (4AS/8 IGCSE)
International Baccalaureate Qualify for an IB diploma
Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Minimum 900/1600

For students that have SAT score results, you should submit those to Cyprus Science University for consideration in the admission review process. CSU’s College Board Code is 7868.

Application Confirmation

The University has a legal responsibility to ensure that all its students have valid academic qualifications.

If you are taking any other qualifications, we will ask you to bring the original certificates, and copies, with you when you register.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have read and understood the application requirements and have gathered and submitted all the necessary components of the application, before the application deadline.


CountryNameExam and/or DocumentMinimum Requirement
As Int'l Student, High school diploma from abroad with TC MEB accreditation
NORTHERN CYPRUSHighschool diploma
AFGHANISTANHigh school diploma or equivalent
GERMANYAbitur examMaximum of 4/5 points overall score
UNITED STATESHighschool diploma or equivalent
ANGOLASecondary School Leaving Certificate - literary skillsminimum of 10/20
ANTIGUA AND BARBUDACarribean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC)Grade 5
ARGENTINEArgenteniant 50%
ALBANIAHigh School Final Examminimum of 50%
AUSTRALIAHigh School diplomaminimum of 50%
AUSTRIAMatura diploma
AZERBAIJANCertificate of Secondary Educationminimum of 3/5
BAHAMASGeneral Certificate of Education5 O levels
BAHRAINGeneral Certificate of Educationminimum of 60%
BANGLADESHHigh School diplomaminimum of 60%
BARBADOSBarbados General Certificate of Education5 O levels
BELARUSCertificate of Secondary Educationminimum of 3/5
BELGIUMHigh School Diploma
BELIZECarribean secondary education certificate
BENINHigh School Examminimum of 10/20
UNITED ARAB EMIRATESGeneral Secondary Education Certificateminimum of 60%
MEXICOHigh School Diplomaminimum of 60%
VENEZUELAHigh School Diploma
BOLIVIAHumanities Secondary Baccalaureateminimum of 4/7
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINAHigh School Diplomaminimum of 3/5
BOTSWANABotsvana General Secondary Education Certificateminimum of 5C
BRAZILHigh School Diploma
BULGARIAMatura Diploma/High School Diplomaminimum of 10/20
BURKINA FASOHigh School Diploma
BURUNDIstate diplomaminimum of 60%
UNITED KINGDOMHigh School Diploma
CAPE VERDEgeneral techincal and literature diploma
ALGERIAAlgeria High School Examminumum of 10/20
DJIBOUTIHigh School Diplomaminumum of 10/20
CHADHigh School Diplomaminumum of 10/20
CZECHMatura Diploma/Middle/Secondary School Diplomaminumum of 10/20
CHINAHigh School exam and University Enterance exam.minimum of 60%
DENMARKHigh School Diploma
DOMINICAN REPUBLICCarribean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC)5 O Levels
DOMINICAN REPUBLICDominic Secondary Education Certificate
ECUADORTechnical Certificateminimum of 12/20
ECUADORHigh School Diplomaminimum of 5/10
EL SALVADORGeneral Secondary Certificateminimum of 50%
INDONESIAUjian National Examminimum of 60%
ERITREAEritrean General Secondary Education Certificateminimum of 50%
ARMENIACertificate of Secondary EducationMinimum of 3/5
ESTONIAEstonian High School Diplomaminimum of 3/5
ETHIOPIAEthiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination (EHEE)Minimum of 8 subjects grade of C or above.
MOROCCOBaccalaureate of Secondary Educationminimum of 10/20
FIJIFiji High School Examminimum 50 %
CÔTE D'IVOIRECôte d’Ivoire High School Diplomaminium 10/20
PHILIPPINESHigh School Diploma
PALESTINECentral High School Examminimum of 65%
FINLANDHigh School Diploma
FRANCEFrench High School Diploma
GABONGabon High School Diplomaminimum 10/20
GAMBIAWest African Examination Council- Senior School Certificate Examination (WAEC-SSCE)minimum 5 subjects grade c or above
GHANAWest African Examination Council- Senior School Certificate Examination (WAEC-SSCE)minimum 5 subjects grade c or above
GUINEAGuinea High School Diploma
GUINEA-BISSAUCertificate of Secondary Education
GRENADACarribean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC)minimum B grade
GUATEMALAGuatemala Diploma in Science & Literatureminimum of 61%
GUYANACarribean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC)Minimum B grade
SOUTH AFRICANational Senior Certificate (NSC)Successful
SOUTHERN CYPRUSHigh School Diplomaminimum of 50%
GEORGIACertificate of Secondary EducationMinimum of 3/5
HAITIHaiti High School Diplomaminimum of 60%
CROATIAHigh School Exam/Diplomaminimum of 3/5
INDIAHigher Secondary School Certificates-Indian School Certificate/All India Senior School Certificate/PreUniversity Course examminimum of 60%
NETHERLANDSHigh School Diploma
HONDURASHigh School Diplomaminimum of 60%
IRAQCentral High School Examat least 60% in related subjects to the degree
IRANHigh School Examminimum of 13/20
IRELANDHigh School Diploma
SPAINHigh School Diploma
ISRAELTeudat Bagrut Exam0.5
SWEDENFinal High School Grademinimum of 2/4
SWISSHigh School Diploma
ITALYHigh School Diploma
ICELANDSecondary School Certificateminimum of 5/10
JAMAICAGeneral Education Certificate
JAPANHigh School Diploma
CAMBODIAKambodia High School Degreeminimum of 50%
CAMEROONCameroon Baccalureate6 cameroon GCE olevels (minimum C grade)
CANADAHigh School Diploma
MONTENEGROHigh School Diplomaminimum of 375
QATARCentral High School Examminimum of 60%
KAZAKHSTANCertificate of Secondary Educationminimum of 3/5
KENYAKenya Certificate of Secondary Educationminimum 4 subjects (grade c or above)
KYRGYZ REPUBLICCertificate of Secondary Educationminimum 3/5
COLOMBIAColumbia High School Diplomaminimum 10/20
COMOROSHigh School Diplomaminimum 10/20
DEMOCRATIC CONGOstate diplomaminimum of 60%
SOUTH KOREACollege Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT/SUNEUNG)minimum of 60%
NORTH KOREACollege Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT/SUNEUNG)minimum of 60%
KOSOVOCentral High School Examminimumof 3/5
COSTA RICACosta Rica Diploma or Diploma of Conclusion of diversified Education Studies/Title of Secondary Educationminimum C grade
KUWAITCentral High School Examminimum of 60%
CUBACuba Secondary Education Technical Diplomaminimum of 50%
LAOSSecondary Education Diplomaminimum 11
LESOTHOLesotho General Certificate of Education
LATVIALatvian High School Diplomaminimum of 6/10
LIBERIAWest African Examination Council - Senior School Certificate Examination (WAEC-SSCE)minimum 5 subjects (grade C or above)
LIBYACentral High School Examminimum of 60%
LITHUANIACertificate of Secondary Educationminimum of 3/5
LEBANONGeneral Secondary Education Certificateminimum 10/20 50%
LUXEMBOURGHigh School Diploma
HUNGARYHigh School Diplomaminimum of 50%
MADAGASCARMadagascar High Schoool DiplomaMinimum of 11
MACEDONIAHigh School Diplomaminimum of 50%
MALAWIMalawi Secondary School Certificate of Educationminimum Grade C
MALDIVESInternational General Certificate of Education5 O Levels or 2 A Levels
MALAYSIAMalaysian International ExamMinimum of 3
MALIMali High School DiplomaMinimum of 5/10
MALTAMalta High School DiplomaMinimum of 64%
MAURITIUSMairitius General Certificate of EducationMinimum of 5 subjects Grade C or above
EGYPTCentral High School ExamAt least 60% in the subjects related to the degree
MONGOLIAHigh School DiplomaMinimum of 3/5
MOLDOVAHigh School Diploma or Russian Type High School Diploma (attestat)Minimum of 3/5 or 10/20
MONACOGeneral Education ExamMinimum of 10
MAURITANIASecondary School DiplomaMinimum of 10/20
MOZAMBIQUEHigh School DiplomaMinimum of 50%
MYANMARSecond stage of Middle SchoolPass grade of 74
NAMIBIAOrtaöğretim ikinci basamakMinimum of 50%
NEPALHigh School Diploma
NIGERHigh School DiplomaMininum 10/20
NIGERIAWerst African Examination Council - Senior School Certificate ExaminitionMust have english and maths and 5 subjects of grade C+
NICARAGUANicaragua High School Diplomaminimum of 70%
NORWAYHigh School Diploma
CENTRAL AFRICAMiddle Africa republic high school diplomaMininum of 10/20
UZBEKISTANCertificate of Secondary EducationMinimum of 3/5
PAKISTANDiploma of 12 year education, Higher Secondary School Certificate Intermediate Grade (HSSC)Minimum %60 Success
PANAMAPanama High School DiplomaMinimum of 50%
PAPUA NEW GUINEAHigh School Diploma
PARAGUAYParaguay High School DiplomaMinimum of 5/10
PERUOfficial Education Certificateminimum of 12/20
POLANDHigh School Diploma
PORTUGALHigh School Diploma
ROMANIAHigh School Diploma
RWANDARwanda Advanced General Secondary examinationMinimum pass in 2 subjects
RUSSIACertificate of Secondary Educationminimum of 3/5
SAINT LUCIACarribean Advanced Proficiency Examminimum grade of 5
SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINESCarribean Advanced Proficiency ExamMinimum of 5 GCE A LEVELS
SENEGALHigh School DiplomaMinimum of 10/20
SERBIAHigh School Diplomaminimum of 3/5
SIERRA LEONEWest African Examination Council- Senior School Certificate Examination (WAEC-SSCE)minimum of 5 subjects grade c+
SINGAPORECambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced LevelMinimum of 2 grades of A-
SLOVAKIAMaturity Exam CertificateMinimum of 4
SLOVENIAHigh School Diploma
SOMALISecondary School CertificateMinimum of 60%
Sri Lanka GCE AL ExamMinimum from 2 subjects passed
SUDANGeneral Secondary School CertificateMinimum of 50%
SYRIACentral High School Examat least 60% in the related subjects
SAUDI ARABIAQudurat Examminimum of 60% or 70% in the general secondary education exam
KINGDOM OF SWAZILANDSwaziland General Certificate of EducationMinimum of 50%
CHILEMiddle School Graduate (completed)
TAJIKISTANCertificate of Secondary EducationMinimum of 3/5
TANZANIATanzanian Certificate of Secondary EducationMinimum of 2 A Grades
THAILANDHigh School Diploma
TOGOHigh School Diploma
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGOGeneral Certificate of Education (GCE) Alevel
TUNISIATunisia High School Diplomaminimum of 10/20
TURKMENISTANCertificate of Secondary Education (Attestat)minimum of 3/5
UGANDAUganda Certificate of Education (maths and English passed)minimum of 8 or 2 As in the Uganda Certificate of Education
UKRAINECertificate of Secondary Education (Attestat)Minimum of 3/5
OMANCentral High School CompletedMinimum of 60%
URUGUAYHigh School Diplomagrade 5-6
JORDANCentral High School Completedat least 60% in the related subjects
VATICAN/THE HOLY SEEHigh School DiplomaMinimum of 1,00
VIETNAMHigh School Diploma
YEMENHigh School Completed in Subjects Related to your degreeMinimum of 60%
NEW ZEALANDHigh School Diploma
GREECEHigh School Diploma
ZAMBIAExamination Council of Zambia / Secondary School Certificate Examminimum of 5 grade C's
ZIMBABWEZimbabwe School of Examination6 OLEVELS grade C+ or 2 ALEVELS grade E+