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It is seen that the public sphere is redesigned on a local, national and global scale in an environment where the 21st century has passed from the industrial society to the information society and the technological developments are spreading rapidly in time and space. In this context, with the developing technology in Public Law, it is necessary to see the problems that arise especially in the field of human rights, to define legally and to combat them. At the same time, there is an age where it is no longer important to reach information, but to reach accurate and reliable information. In the field of Public Law, it is necessary to act with this point of view.

The world and European region needs to be renewed in accordance with the standard of education and research in public law, it is also making itself felt in many countries, such as Turkey. On the other hand, technological developments and national requirements significantly affect the content of public law education. The longing to reach the information society necessitates the continuous questioning of education and training. In the light of these facts, the content of education and training has to be renewed by always considering the rule of law. Because there is a need for qualified lawyers for the rule of law that respects human rights.

In this context, our Public Law Graduate Program focuses on both national and global studies in the field of law and aims to offer different career opportunities in the field of public law and to train qualified and competent professionals. In line with the requirements of the age, it offers an innovative education program that instills future vision, reinforces the sense of curiosity, and bears responsibility towards the environment and the world.

A graduate who successfully completed the Public Law Graduate Program; It is aimed to be a department that can explain the concepts and institutions of Public Law within the framework of the theory of rights, associate these concepts and institutions with other sciences, evaluate and judge the legal texts in this field from a critical point of view, and present a research in this field in written and oral form. It is aimed that the student will have the qualifications to systematically deal with a particular topic, to prepare a thesis / term project using scientific resources in accordance with the rules and to prove it and defend it.The Department of Public Law conducts education, research and application and other academic applications in its graduate programs. In the program, graduate students, some of the Faculty of Law are very valuable and the other part is very young and they receive public law education and training with their staff. The purpose of Public Law education and training is not to load a stack of knowledge; To equip our students with the ability to access collections and to do research.The public law graduate program is a program that can be done with or without a thesis, which graduates of law and social sciences undergraduate programs can apply to and students take courses in areas such as constitutional law, administrative law, human rights, state theory, and legal philosophy. The program aims to enable graduate students to develop a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to law, and in this context, it focuses on the active participation of students in lectures and the development of students' scientific research and publishing skills in seminar lectures.


Program Name Degree Duration Language
Public Law (With Thesis) Post Graduate 2 Years Turkish