All International Students are entitled to get up to 60% scholarship when studying
undergraduate and 50% scholarship for graduate courses at Cyprus Science University.

Other Scholarships include:

Sibling Scholarship
All International Students studying at Cyprus Science University are entitled to a 60% scholarship. For international students who bring their siblings to study at CSU will gain an extra scholarship for their siblings meaning that their siblings will get up to 75% scholarship.

Merit-based Scholarship

For students that have SAT score results, you should submit those to Cyprus Science University for consideration in the admission review process. CSU’s College Board Code is 7868.

SAT Score Scholarship
1200 75%
1300 80%
1400+ 100%*

**Students on full scholarship are required to pay social activity fees and VAT.

Need-based Scholarship
If you have personal needs and financial issues, a letter should be written to the rectorate requesting a scholarship based on your needs. All the supporting documents should be provided alongside the letter of request. This will then be assessed by the rectorate and a decision will be made on whether a scholarship is given and what scholarship.

Student Assistantship
Student assistantship positions exist in various administrative departments in the university. They are open to all students. A student must have a GPA above 3.0. to be considered for the scholarship.