Microsoft Teams Application. You can take the exam from the Team section where you attend the online course.
You can learn the final dates and times through the Cyprus Science University System (KIUS).
The system does not allow you to start the exam of another course while continuing the exam of one course. If you find a conflict in this matter, inform the relevant lecturers.
During the exam, you should take precautions against power cuts or internet connection problems. For this purpose, we recommend that you have a fully charged laptop and a backup 3G internet connection that you can use as a personal access point other than the normal wifi line.We would like to remind you that our University is not responsible for the connection problems. If you cannot complete your exam due to a valid excuse, you must fill in the “Make-up Exam Entry Form” ( via KIUS.
In case of system-related technical problems that may occur during the exam, you can write the problem you have to the "Online Exam Technical Support Team", which will be available online during the exam, by establishing a live Chat connection via the Cyprus Science University website.
If your problem is resolved before the exam period ends, you can re-enter the system and continue your exam from the beginning due to the relevant software. However, after the end of the exam period or when you click the "SEND" button, your exam is completed and you cannot enter the system again.
If you send your exam after the end of the exam, your exam will be considered INVALID.
In case you cannot enter online exams due to the circumstances such as technical problems, health problems, etc., you will be entitled to make an excuse exam if your excuse is accepted by the relevant Faculty or School Board of Directors. If you fail the final exam, you have the right to take the make-up exam.
Since the exam system will open at the time the exam will start, you will not be able to start from the exam you want. We would like to remind you that you have to adhere to the hours stated in your exam calendar shared with you on our website
Unless you press the "SEND" button during the exam, you can return to the questions you left blank during the exam period.
Questions that you do not answer or answer incorrectly will not be scored, and your wrong answers will not have a negative effect on your correct answers.
You can take your exams with your computer / tablet / mobile device. You can perform your exam by downloading the Microsoft TEAMS application or by using the Microsoft TEAMS website. If you are going to use Microsoft TEAMS website, it is recommended to use the Google Chrome internet browser. However, we recommend that you take the exams with a computer or tablet instead of your smart mobile device.
It is your responsibility to take necessary precautions before the exam for situations such as running out of charge during the exam. We would like to remind you that you need to check the devices you will use during the exam before the exam.
During the exam, operations such as taking screenshots of the exam system screen and recording images are prohibited. The exams of students who are determined to have received and / or shared these images or recordings with third parties will be deemed invalid and disciplinary action will be initiated about them.
Make-up exams will be held on the dates specified in the academic calendar for students who cannot attend the final exam due to a valid excuse. If you are unable to attend the exam due to a valid excuse, you must fill out the “Make-up Exam Form” ( via KIUS and upload the documents for the reasons indicating that you have not taken the exam.After discussing whether your excuse will be accepted or not on the board of the academic unit you are affiliated with, you will be informed about the result by e-mail.
Before starting your exam, you should read the "Rules to be Applied in the Exam" and "Ethical Statement". After reading, click the "NEXT" button, you will be deemed to have accepted all the rules and the "Ethical Statement". Otherwise, the system will not allow your exam to start.
According to the exam schedule, the exam of each course is held within the specified time periods. In order not to miss your exam, you need to be present in the system 15 minutes before the exam. If you take your exam after the start time, you will only be able to use the remaining time. No additional time will be given.
In order not to experience problems on the system on the exam day, department based trial exams will be held within the compensation week specified in the academic calendar. The date and time of your practice exams will be announced to you by your instructor.